How it Works

Find your “Utopia”, And then Earn from it & Own it

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Our innovative program helps you get your dream home to rent & then become Mortgage Ready in 5 easy steps to buy it

1. Get Approved

Apply for Free in less than 3 mins to find your Home buying budget. No impact on your credit score and non-binding to you.

2. Find your Utopia

Once you are approved for a home buying budget, you can find your dream home (with our agents or yours) that qualifies for our program.

3. We buy your Dream Home

We help you in beating competition by buying your dream home at very attractive rates because of our all-cash offers and deep expertise in real estate. You make an initial payment of only 1% to 3% of the purchase price of the home. This goes to your “Utopia Wallet” savings for your future down payment. We not only pay for your dream home in cash but also cover other fees, closing costs, taxes and insurance expenses.

4. Move-In and Earn

Rent your home while we work with you to make you a Homeowner. Our innovative “Wealth Builder” program turbo-charges your monthly savings for Down Payment by sharing with you the gains from Home Price Appreciation and from rental profit. Your monthly payments also include built in saving contributions to your wallet so that you could have enough money to make down payment in 1 to 3 years. If needed, We also assign you a credit coach to improve your credit score.

5. Buy & Enjoy

Whenever you are mortgage ready with enough savings in your “Utopia Wallet” and a good credit score, you can buy your dream home from us. And, for some reason, if your plans have changed then you can move out (with an agreed upon notice period) and keep all your monthly contributions to your “Utopia Wallet”.