Don’t just rent.
Do rent, earn & own.

Find & Live in Your Dream Home, Start building wealth like a Homeowner.
Buy when you are ready or walk away…As you like.

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5 mins: Utopia Homes Rent to Own Homeownership
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How it works

Get Approved: Utopia Homes
Step 1: Utopia Homes Rent to Own Homeownership
Get Approved

Apply for Free in less than 3 mins to find your Home buying budget. No impact on your credit score and non-binding to you.

Find your dream home: Utopia Homes
Step 2: Utopia Homes Rent to Own Homeownership
Find your Utopia

Pick your dream home (with our agents or yours). We will buy it with an all-cash offer.

Move in to your dream home: Utopia Homes
Step 3: Utopia Homes Rent to Own Homeownership
Move-In and Earn

Rent your home while we work with you to make you a Homeowner. Our program turbo-charges your monthly savings for Down Payment by sharing the gains from Home Price Appreciation with you.

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What do I need to qualify?

FICO Score
Monthly Household Income
Debt-to-Income with rent
Months of timely rent payments
Minimum upfront cash required
My Big kudos to Utopia for being lightning fast in getting us the home of our choice and that too with no down payment and no taxes.
Alexandra M, Ohio
Testimonial 1: Utopia Homes Rent to Own Homeownership
Inverted Comma: Utopia Homes Rent to Own Homeownership
Utopia has been a lifesaver to us in our journey to rent and own a home. It’s been a delight working with the Utopia team.
Orion & DJ Hansen, Indiana
Testimonia 2: Utopia Homes Rent to Own Homeownership
Comma Testimonial : Utopia Rent-to-Own
I love the ease of finding, renting and buying home with Utopia and the prompt support from their Customer success team.
Kevin D, Ohio
Testimonial 3 : Utopia Rent-to-Own

What makes Utopia different?

Homeownership is one of the best ways to build wealth and secure one’s future. Utopia reduces any and all factors that could prevent you from owning a home by fast tracking your homeownership journey. Here is how:

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  • Try before buy: Utopia Homes Rent to Own Homeownership

    Try before Buy

    We want to try out the neighborhood by living in it before buying the home. So, Utopia gives you the opportunity to live in the neighborhood and see if it is the right one for you before you buy a home.

  • Build Credit: Utopia Homes Rent to Own Homeownership

    Build Credit

    Maybe, We don’t have the perfect credit score to be eligible for Mortgage. So, Utopia’s credit experts work with you to help you improve your credit score.

  • Save & Earn: Utopia Homes Rent to Own Homeownership

    Save & Earn

    Sometimes, we don’t have the boatloads of cash to make the downpayment for our dream home. So, Utopia helps you in saving and earning enough money over 2-3 years to be mortgage ready.

  • Free as a bird: Utopia Homes Rent to Own Homeownership

    Free as a bird

    You can buy your home as and when you are ready. And, if life happens and plans change then you can walk away and get your savings back.

Let the numbers speak

Faster ownership: Utopia Homes Rent to Own Homeownership
2 Years
Our Program makes you a Homeowner 2 yrs sooner than otherwise
Savings: Utopia Homes Rent to Own Homeownership
Our Customers could gain over $60K in Home Price Appreciation in 3 years
Apply: Utopia Homes Rent to Own Homeownership
5 Mins
One can apply in less than 5 mins for free
Budget: Utopia Homes Rent to Own Homeownership
Our Home buying budget for you is generally 11% higher

Where is Utopia available?

States : Utopia Rent-to-Own

Utopia Homes is continuously expanding across the Country. Our Homeownership program is currently available across major cities in the highlighted States on the Map.

These states are as follows: Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, North Carolina, Nebraska, New Mexico, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, West Virginia, and Wisconsin.

Mission Utopia Homes Rent to Own Homeownership

Homeownership for All

We strongly believe that everybody should own their dream home and our Innovative program is designed for those who are not yet ready for a mortgage and already know that “renting to own” is a far better way to generate wealth than “just renting”. Our program gives you the option and NOT the obligation to buy your dream home.

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What is Utopia?


Utopia helps renters achieve their homeownership goals faster. You select your dream home and we buy and rent it to you for 2 to 3 years while we get you ready for a mortgage. Your monthly payment also earns you profits as home prices appreciate. Our innovative tools, coaching and incentives further improve your credit scores, build up your down payment and get you a home loan on very attractive terms.

What is Utopia Wallet?


When you rent with us, you have the option but not the obligation to buy your rental home by signing a purchase option agreement. You get a Wallet where your savings and earnings sit and grow every month. Your Utopia Wallet can grow in 3 ways:

1) Your contributions: When you sign the lease, you do not make any security deposit but you make an initial contribution of 2 percent of Price of Property (also called purchasing option premium).  During the lease, you can make additional monthly or one off contributions so as to save for your down payment to buy the home.

2) Profit Sharing in Rent: Every month you earn a share of the rental profits. These rental profits are added to your wallet on a monthly basis and further grow your wallet. 

3) Home Price Appreciation: With our innovative program, you also earn a portion of the increase in home value during the term of the lease. So, As the value of your rental home increases, the value of your wallet also increases to make you downpayment ready sooner.

How can I get started with Utopia?


If you have a credit score of at least 550 and earn $3,500 per month or more then we encourage you to apply (It’s free) and get pre-qualified. We also take into account DTI Ratio and timely payment history to ensure that you would get a mortgage in the next 2-3 years. You can find your dream home with our network of agents or your own agent. As we buy the home that you selected, to rent to you, you will contribute upto 3% of its price as initial down payment. This money will go into Utopia Wallet and grow there so that you could be ready with the full down payment required by the Bank.

What if I choose NOT to buy the home at the end of the lease agreement?


We do understand that sometimes life happens. So, if you choose not to buy the home at the end of your lease agreement then you will get back all your monthly savings contributions in the wallet. You will only lose the 3% you had put down to partially cover the re-selling costs of the home that Utopia purchased for you.

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