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We are a group of industry veterans dedicated to increasing homeownership

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Home ownership for All

Although, Home ownership is one of the best ways to generate and preserve wealth, yet, it has never been harder to become a homeowner. So, Utopia was founded with a mission to make homeownership accessible to all.

Our unique “Rent, Earn and Own” Program has been designed for those hard working individuals and families which want to achieve an American dream of owning a home but are not mortgage ready for one reason or other.  Utopia tries harder than anyone else to get you into your dream home and have you earn from your monthly payments besides giving you the option and not the obligation to buy the home if you like it. Utopia, as a real estate technology company, is driven by the ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) principles and has a deep focus on social impact by helping people become homeowners and achieve a slice of their American dream.  

The company is backed by 3X founders who have multiple decades of experience in real estate finance and technology with companies like Bank of America and Citibank where the founding team helped over 1 million families get their dream homes. During this journey, the founding team understood even better the emotional need of a family to own a home along with the financial independence and the wealth generation that happens for home-owners. So, all the learnings from these rich past experiences went into building Utopia with a singular purpose of making home-ownership accessible to all. 

We, the founders, are committed to serving you better than anyone else and helping you accomplish your home-ownership goals. So, if you have any suggestions/ thoughts on further improving our program or ways in which we could help you then please contact us

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